Tea Creek

PennDOT awarded Clearwater the contract for the removal and replacement of State Route 1005 Bridge over Tea Creek near the Village of Reedsville.  The existing structure was a two-span concrete Tee-beam bridge constructed in 1930 that had recently been declared structurally deficient by PennDOT.

Work began in February 2014 with the construction of a two lane temporary bridge and roadway that permitted 7,100 vehicles per day to travel around the work zone along the busy back road into Lewistown.  Clearwater designed and installed the temporary shoring systems and then removed the existing structure.  In its place, Clearwater constructed a new concrete adjacent box beam bridge that included Superpave Asphalt surfacing.  The scope of work also included installation of concrete curb and guide rail installation.

The new structure increased the curb-to-curb width from 27 feet to 33 feet 2 inches and increased the overall bridge length from 54 to 68 feet.  Clearwater’s winter start and innovative shoring design system enabled the project to be completed several weeks ahead of schedule.

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