Anderson Run

Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Program

In May 2015, Clearwater was awarded the contract for the replacement of a rural bridge on State Route 3012 over Anderson Run Creek in Butler County.  This bridge was Clearwater’s first project for the Walsh/Granite CJV under the Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Program.  The 86 year old, single-span structure had fallen into disrepair and, due to safety concerns, was selected as a year-one, priority replacement by the CJV.

Clearwater’s scope included demolition and replacement of the existing structure with an integral abutment bridge.  The construction plan required pre-drilling for integral abutment piles, driving 8 steel-beam bearing piles, construction of abutments, setting 4 precast concrete box beams, concrete deck placement, parapets and roadway restoration.

The new structure increased the curb-to-curb width from 20 feet to 24 feet 6 inches and increased the overall bridge length from 50 feet 9 inches to 65 feet 7 inches.  Clearwater was required to complete construction and open the bridge to traffic in 70 days but was able to deliver the project in 65 days.

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