Stonycreek River

In April 2014, PennDOT awarded Clearwater a $3.2M contract for the replacement of a two-span, rolled I-beam structure that carries State Route 4022 over Stonycreek River on the boundary between Conemaugh and Paint Townships.

After demolition of the existing structure, Clearwater constructed a full width temporary causeway and pipe system to allow access to the work area and installation of a closed cell cofferdam that facilitated the installation of a mid-span pier.  A concrete mass footer was built in “the wet”.  The new structure consisted of two-span, continuous composite welded steel plate-girder bridge on a shifted alignment.  In all, 1,500 CY of cast in place concrete work were placed, and the abutments and pier received an architectural surface treatment that included staining of the concrete to match the distinct coloring of the Stonycreek River.

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