Jacks Run

In August 2014 Clearwater was awarded a contract for the replacement of a single-span reinforced concrete slab bridge by PennDOT.  The bridge carried U.S. Route 119 over Jack’s Run in Hempfield Township.

Clearwater’s scope included removal of the existing structure and construction of a post-tensioned, precast reinforced concrete box culvert.  After demolition, two distribution slabs were poured.  Eight 10.5 foot by 9.5 foot sections and one skewed end section, each weighing 45,400 and 51,200 pounds, respectively, were placed with a 200 ton hydraulic crane.  Placement was complicated by the close proximity of existing overhead utilities.  Headwalls, wings and distribution slabs were constructed.  Approach restoration, concrete barrier and asphalt paving were performed and the project opened to traffic ahead of schedule.

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