Heavy Civil Construction Group

Clearwater Construction has the expertise backed by a modern fleet of heavy construction equipment to complete the most challenging types of heavy civil construction.

Whether you are looking to construct new or repair/modify existing road, highway, bridge, sewer, tunnel or other large government and city project Clearwater Construction is your contractor of choice.

From complex multilevel traffic interchanges to single bridges spanning long distances, we have the knowledge and expertise to find innovative solutions that meet the needs of your project.

Our heavy civil construction services include :

  • Design & Site preparation (mass grading and excavation)
  • Utility installation – wet and dry
  • Bridges, roadways, tunnels and shafts
  • Concrete and asphalt production and paving
  • Foundation construction including pile driving, sheeting, shoring and cofferdams
  • Cast-in-place and structural concrete
  • Specialty structures and foundations
  • Underpinning, top down structures
  • Deep trenching, critical jacking, railroad crossings
  • Confined space/selective demolition

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