Clearwater Construction is pleased to introduce its new unit...Clearwater Geotechnical.

We provide expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Caisson Drilling and Construction;
  • Design, Installation and Removal of Beam and Lagging Shoring Walls;
  • Pile Driving of all types; and
  • Sheet Pile Wall construction

Complete Caisson Installation

Our drilling teams are dedicated professionals with decades of experience drilling deep foundations productively and safely. Our Geotechnical unit performs foundation drilling, tying and placing rebar cages, and concrete installation, providing the turnkey solution you need at the best possible price.

Complete Shoring Design, Installation, and Removal

Clearwater Geotechnical has extensive temporary shoring expertise as well. With a dedicated fleet of equipment, we provide exceptional service and pricing. We design site-specific shoring systems, install beam and lagging shoring, and sheet piling walls and cofferdams whether unbraced, braced, or with tiebacks.  From design, installation and removal, Clearwater Geotechnical seamlessly fulfills your shoring requirements.

Pile Driving

Piling is often a necessity in the construction industry.  Clearwater Geotechnical has provided driving expertise to General Contractors and Construction Managers all across Pennsylvania.  For any size or type Piling, whether H section, Pipe, Timber or Precast to any type or section of Sheet Piling, Clearwater Geotechnical offers solutions for ALL of your needs!

Contact us for all your pricing and estimating needs.  We look forward to working with your team!

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